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2 - 4

Leo Colovini

Alessandro Costa Kapakkione


In a world of floating islands, young magical creatures wish to enter into the great schools of magic. Take the role of a school principal in a great challenge:
what school will be the most influent? Use wisely your 10 assistants to move students into your dining room and onto the islands and to guide Mother Nature
on the island where you have more control: she will reward you and let you build a magic tower there! Be careful though! The 5 professors define who controls
a faction, but they always go where the most students are. Each faction will change their minds frequently and you may lose all your support! A light strategy
family game in a cute and funny world full of magical creatures, with 12 different characters that change the rules for lots of variants!

COD: CC292


What's in the box

4 player boards, 12 islands, 4 clouds, 40 assistant cards (10 for each player), 22 towers, 135 creature tokens (laser engraved wooden discs), 1 Mother Nature wooden token, 5 professor tokens, 1 bag, 12 character cards, 20 coins


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39.99 €

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