Barrage – The Leeghwater Project

Barrage Anthology Reprint In progress
Barrage – The Leeghwater Project
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1 - 4

Tommaso Battista
Simone Luciani

Antonio De Luca


A new protagonist looks out from the top of the mountain.
“Barrage the L.P.” introduces a new faction to the basic game; play Ellen Vos, from the Netherlands, ready to follow in the footsteps of Jan Leeghwater.
Use the external Works mechanics, a set of powerful tiles that can be obtained from a new action space, and the personal building mechanic that  will offer a combination of five building tiles, each one with a different powerful effect.
Take advantage of Two new executive officers and Three new advanced technology tiles dedicated to the construction of personal buildings.
More energy in your hands!

COD: CC214


What's in the box

1 Cardboard Board, 1 Cardboard Composite Board, 5 Cardboard Punch Boards, 60 Wodden Components, 1 Rulebook.


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35.99 €

In reprint

Taxes will be calculated after entering the shipping address.

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