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2 - 4

Phil Walker Harding
Matthew Dunstan

Shannon Elizabeth Grosenbacher


You have postponed this as long as possible, but now it’s time to reorganize your library and put your favorite objects back in place. Will you be able to do it faster than other players, satisfying the required patterns? In a 3D support, which reproduces a real library, you will take the game tiles from a common board. Then you will insert the board tiles in the 3D support making them fall from the top. In doing so, you will have to try to recreate the patterns of your personal or common target. An eye-catcher and strategy game, different each time thanks to the multiplicity of common targets of which you will use only 2 in each game. The realistic images of the object tiles will make you feel like you are really tidying up your precious library shelves.

COD: CC376


What's in the box

4 player scheme shelf, 1 main board, 132 tiles in 6 different colors, 12 Personal Goal cards, 12 common goal cards rulebook, 1 bag


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39.99 €

Taxes will be calculated after entering the shipping address.

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